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Midnight Masterpieces, like all great things, began with an idea. Following in the fashion and footsteps of humanity's greatest ideas, Midnight Masterpieces was concieved when two great minds were under the influence of a single great scotch. Over time this simple idea blossomed into a dream, and then matured into a fully formed concept. Once the concept was fully developed, we put all of our knowledge, class, and resources (Including the vast McDevitt family fortune, and our very own stately manor) into making Midnight Masterpieces a reality.

So what was this idea? Were glad you asked ......

There was a time, not too long ago, when late night television was a veritable cornucopia of cinematic wonder. There were 60 glorious channels to choose from, and at the stroke of midnight many of them would start showing some of the most fun movies you could ever hope to see. Many people label these as "Bad Movies", and in some cases not even we can dissagree with that assesment, but we like to think of them as "fun movies", "invenive movies, "thouroughly original movies", and so on. Robbie-O Yes, we do use the term "Bad Movies", but we do so with love (your dog can be a "bad dog" but you still love it, right?), and besides if we described them any other way nobody would know what we're talking about. These were an entirely unique breed of film, one in which a group of people with an idea got together and made it a reality. They didn't have the most resourses, nor did they have the best equipment. What they did have was a love for what they were doing, a ton of ingenuity and resoursefulness, and some of the most unique/strange/quirky ideas ever crammed into a VHS cassette!

But what happened to these cinematic marvels, and why aren't they on my TV right now?

One word. Infomercials!

The once great, wonderful world of late night cinematic Sci-fi, sleaze, and slasher flicks was replaced, almost overnight, by people selling you cheap crap that doesn't work! You're tired, you're comfortable, and at your most vulnerable. You sit down to unwind and start flipping through the channels, and something catches your eye. It's a guy in a blue shirt, and he's yelling about how great this automatic flowerpot scrubber will change your life. You know it's a waste of your hard earned money, but nevertheless you find yourself staring in an almost hypnotic trance, and 6-8 weeks later you're out $45 and your flower pots are still full of dirt!

Midnight Masterpieces is dedicated to bringing you the finest in late night cinema, and to fighting the scourge of infomercials. We provide this free of charge, via your local public access TV station. bobs got muscles You can now spend your evenings with us enriching your evenings with the arts, instead wasting them with the lowest level of consumerism. If your local late night programming is flooded with hyperactive sales pitches and we're not available in your market, send us a message with your city and the name of your local cable provider. We have several methods of distribution, and we'll find a way onto a station in your area. Just imagine how much you could learn, and more importanly how much money you could save! And let's face it, even if you think the movies are bad, they've got to be better than infomercials.

So what kinds of movies can you expect to see?

We pride ourselves in digging deep into our VHS vault, and asking our super-duper computer "WIZ" to find the best late-night movies around! Science fiction movies are an obvious choice, as are horror movies, and there's no shortage of either here. movie poster slideshow Kung-Fu movies? Your'e damn right we show Kung -Fu movies! Every now and then a cowboy movie makes the cut. We give bonus points for uniqueness, and huge bonuses for the downright strange! Do you want to watch a 2'9" tall secret agent from the Phillipenes punch guys in the balls, and charm the ladies for an hour and a half? You're damn right you do, and this is where you can do it! Turkish supervillians, we've got them too.

We also take pride in having an educated, and enlightened audience. Thats why we always ask what the films have taught us, and we even throw in educational films when we have time. Do you want to know how to protect yourself from nuclear fallout? educational films Do you ever find yourself wondfering whether vandalism is fun or just dumb? Should you play with blasting caps? Our viewers know the answers to these questions! Their neighbors, on the other hand, are most likely irradiated, covered in paint, and missing fingers.

So get comfortable, top off your drink, and enjoy midnight masterpices tonight!